mercredi 4 décembre 2013

Support for choephelling - tibetan refugee settlement in india

Dear Friends of Choephelling
We can see a lot of new "friends of Choephelling" lately.
A warm welcome from us to all of you.
We are very pleased if you "like" and share the pics and videos we post on that page.
But please take notice;

is a page to face you also with the suffer and
the poverty of 2800 Tibetan settlers.
We try to help these people
to give them the chance for a better live,
and YOU can make the difference..

>PayPal< to E-mail:
All the donations we receive go entirely to Miao-Choephelling !

Every single € or $ or any other currency is important.

>Water Filter Project 2013<
We want to raise donations to buy *Kent Gold* portable water filter
one Kent Gold is around € 45,- or US $ 59,-
including tax and transport (in autumn 2013)

2800 Tibetan settlers, no work, no business, very bad drinking water and medical situation, in a very remote area of India. Without support from generous sponsors or NGO´s they will never have the chance to leave this cycle of poverty.

So, can you imagine to life there?
Without running water?
Without electricity 4 till 6 hours a day?
No doctor, no hospital?
Click to INFO for more details about the tough living conditions of these 2800 Tibetans in Miao-Choephelling.

Tibetan settlement Miao-Choephelling in Arunachal Pradesh, district Changlang in India, close to the border to Myanmar
support for choephelling - tibetan refugee settlement in india 


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